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Said with all the understatement I can muster, yes it can get a tad cold in winter and snow every now and then but then folks complain when it gets hot in July too. It will barely go below zero tonight and fresh fallen snow really is pretty. An added benefit is each storm is an exercise opportunity for me when after shoveling my snow I go shovel out my neighbor that is in Florida and another neighbor who’ll be at work.

I had a fireplace at my last house in the living room with wide doorways on two sides of the room and while it heated up the living room very well, it left the rest of the house freezing. That’s why the old houses had multiple fireplaces. I have a wood stove in the Great Room of my present house which takes care of the front half of the house and a propane stove in a back Sitting Room that’ll heat the back half. It’s sort of like two houses, a former owner having doubled the size of it with the back addition.