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Sounds like Communism to me! In the end if this Communist revolution wins then the population will learn what real hunger really is all about. They will also learn that Communist real control of the people will be. Right now it is a white against the black thing, in the future it will be a black communist thing against all black thing. No freedoms or liberty.

So good luck with your revolution since I personally know what that is all about as a Cuban born that my parents had to take me out of Cuba at the age of 4. Cuba has stayed in a time capsule of 1958 and is still in 1958 close to 60 years of a Communist Dictator. Communism has no future for it’s people and the revolution never worked, it’s all a big lie.

The blacks in South Africa needed to take the country to the next level of freedom and liberty for all.

History will show you that Communism doesn’t work. Again good luck making your country’s people into future slaves of the new Communist Dictators.