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Leopard, at this point nothing short of a worldwide economic collapse or WWIII is going to change the geo-political makeup of the world. It could be that an economic collapse would be what triggers WWIII. I do expect that it is coming but I can’t guess when or in what form. Personally I would be fine if the US withdrew militarily from the rest of the world and just concentrated on making us “Fortress America” that responds to attacks on us but otherwise ignores the rest of the world. Sort of like the Switzerland model. Trade with anybody while staying neutral, but militarily ready to repel any invaders. As noted previously, I expect that much of the world will wish we were still on the scene because they are not going to like their new Chinese masters very much. Where the Chinese aren’t running the show, the Mullahs will be, and the forcibly converted will wish the Chinese were in charge. The death toll as the Chinese and Muslims carve up the world will not be measured in the hundreds or thousands but rather in the many millions. The US is not without many sins and poor choices but currently the alternatives for much of the world are far worse.