Why can you not see the bigger picture? US enemy countries are being created on movie sets. And some parts of the world do not watch those movies and live in the real world. ( I am really trying not to be nasty)

I think most people in the world would like to live in a country that is ruled by a good and intelligent president that had good intelligent people giving him advice. Should then just hope for any improvement someday. Mmmm Well I do not believe that our country will not get attacked one day… just that maybe nobody would really want to rule SA. Hehe

You might not be aware of this. Many people from other countries do see the US as the terrorist of the world. These countries have not been attacked by people from Russia, China or Iran…They see tanks and soldiers inside their country where they have been staying for generations. And those soldiers are shooting and killing their family and friends. Bombing their buildings. That means the people that is coming from a country called America, are the enemy and causing terror in their lives.
Make a list of all countries the US has got soldiers in today. Look at before and after photos. How the children and buildings in that country looks like before the soldiers arrived and today. The reason US occupy so many countries is not to help them – it is to concur them. http://williamblum.org/chapters/rogue-state/united-states-bombings-of-other-countries

In the end – the very much end Every single person will be judged about the choices he/she made.
It is not for me to judge today. Do you not think we should have some respect for life..?