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Tolik, Have you owned any Chinese tools. I have, the screw drivers bend the hammers break and there steel is some of the softest steel out there. The Chinese do not know how to heat treat the steel to the right hardness. This is the problems with some of there knifes too. They are all made of cheap steel.

This is why U.S.made knife cost much more. I do not think the Leathermans tread are made in China.

Also read were they say: Those links are going to snap off when I torque the hex nuts on my portable DAC. Wrong. This MacGyver wristband is constructed of metal-injected molded 17-4 stainless steel. The tools may be tiny, but they’re not going to snap or bend under stress.

So it is not cheap steel. But I do agree that it is to much at $150 but maybe $99 it is a very good tool but also looks nice to wear. I see this as something that would last 10 to 20 years like the Leatherman tools I own. The other multi-tools that I own have all had problems but the Leatherman are made much better and out last all the other cheap ones. Just my 2 cents on what I have experience owning many of these multi tools in the constuction biz. The Chinese stuff breaks.