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Tolik, in fairness to the country as a whole, Amherst, MA is hardly representative. What it is representative of are college towns which are so liberal that they make everyday liberals look like conservatives. I used to live near Amherst and so am very familiar with it. There was a big uproar a few years back when a man was hired as a School Principal. Some were appalled that they search committee didn’t find a minority woman for the job. When MA passed a law that limited English as a Second Language education to one year in hopes that minority kids (mostly Hispanic) would learn English and have a chance at life, folks in Amherst were in an uproar over forcing these kids to quickly learn English and then mainstream. They were similarly appalled and caused an uproar over the fact that it was mostly white kids making it into the honors level courses at the high school. That the kids of university professors somehow were smarter/did better in school than urban ghetto transplants to small town Amherst public housing could, in their eyes, only be attributed to school officials being prejudiced against those minority students. Amherst is mostly upper middle class white by the way. It is a very strange world indeed.