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A few years back the university town of Amherst, MA petitioned the State to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections because “it was their town too”. The State said no. In a world where truth can be stranger than fiction, this is the same town that on the night of 9-10-01, I kid you not, the Town Selectboard voted to restrict the flying of the US flag along public roadways to only 6 holidays a year so as not to offend non-citizens having to always see the flag. The flag was seen as a symbol of oppression and fear to these non-citizens, most of whom feed at the public trough attending the State funded University of MA and/or with public housing, food stamps etc. Putting that restriction in place on the eve of 9/11 was in reaction to some wanting to leave flags up for as long as they wanted to after Memorial Day. Post 9/11 they relented to pressure and allowed the US flag to be flown a 7th day, 9/11, every 5 years. Again, I kid you not. The Town thought allowing flags to be flown on 9/11 every 5 years was a fair compromise between those who saw the flag as a source of pride and those who did not.