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Tolik, I hear what you are saying, but the reality remains that despite our meddling in ways that we shouldn’t, the US is all that stands between Russia and China running roughshod over the rest of the world in ways that would make life far worse for much of humanity. This is especially so where the Chinese are concerned. What I personally think is behind the poor choices the US sometimes makes in terms of who it backs are the multinational companies who stand to make money from those choices. Why else would China have Most Favored Nation status when we know that they are openly stealing our technology and intellectual property and using the proceeds to prepare for war against us?

As an aside in my prior post I left out the Secretary of State in my list of most important positions. Its been a while since we had an effective one and so it wasn’t on my mind. That makes it 5 blacks in the top 7 most powerful positions in the current US administration, so my point is still valid that the US isn’t likely to come to the aid of white South Africans.