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Leopard wrote:

Think US should focus on South Africa rather. At least we speak English. – See more at: http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/usa-to-put-troops-into-ukraine/#post-35100

Leopard, it would be good if the English speaking world would rally around the European South Africans, but the current US Administration will never do it. In my opinion the 6 most powerful positions in the US are the President, Attorney General, Director of Homeland Security, Director of the Defense Dept., the National Security Advisor, and the President’s personal advisor. 5 of those 6 people are black. ‘Bams openly takes sides in black-white issues before any facts are even gathered. He and the Attorney General have openly flamed racial discord and his personal advisor Valerie Jarrett has done it in the background as evidenced by her role in the latest news that the National Guard was purposely withheld in Ferguson Missouri last summer. On racial matters ‘Bams regularly turns to Al Sharpton for advice, Al being the leading race baiter in the US. Hopefully the next administration will not be as racist as the current one.

Edited to correct my math. I listed the 6 most powerful positions and said 5. That 5 of the 6 are black speaks to where ‘Bams is coming from on the racial issue.