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I was in Casper, WY when the bottom fell out of the oil industry there (1980’s). It was horrible and reminded me of pictures from the history books about the Great Depression. I remember how odd it was when we finally moved to NOT see mothers/wives crying in the grocery store because they didn’t have enough money to feed their family. I can see this happening, yet again. Not sure how it will hit Wyoming, but I know it is going to raze parts of the Dakotas.

I feel bad for the families that will be left financially destroyed.

As for how this will affect the general population? Not sure. I am glad to see cheaper fuel. I wonder if it will end up being something like what happened to a lot of our PNW old growth. It was cut down, shipped to Japan and sunk to the bottom of Tokyo Harbor for use later on. Maybe China will buy up the mineral/oil rights at a steal and leech off our resources? All I know is that this is yet another round of politicians destroying industry that families depend on for a living.