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Had a conversation with a good friend today. A very smart man with common sense. His approach to all of this is “What problem?” I was shocked. If this guy doesn’t get it, this country is in a world of hurt. He believes there will be a correction in the stock market, but then continue to grow. He said that QE worked for us why not for Europe. He said with all the forecasts for economic collapse, nothing has happened. He discounted 2008 as an anomaly.

I suspect the vast majority of our fellow Americans would agree with him. It will be interesting to get his reaction when the house of cards start to fall.

My fear is that this is a precursor to war. WWII got us out of the depression. With the leaders we have in the world today, I suspect they wouldn’t hesitate to start one to save their fortunes, and as a side benefit reduce the population to a more “manageable” size.