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freedom they turn production inward to the 300 million middle class income inside china and raise standard of living like the usa did post ww2 can hold off on their side for at least a decade. they have more middle class than just about the population of usa http://www.rttnews.com/1997232/china-s-middle-class-population-to-jump-to-600-mln-by-2020.aspx

we need to grow up the west and lose the sense of entitlements we are no longer the market, no longer the driving force behind most of world shaping trends no longer a first world, if we dont fix it we will be third world so fast we will only have the same out look as Italians on roman empire.

we lost what made us great, we need to find that path again the route we are now on has been played out before we all know where that goes. Maybe we will be first ever to not hit rock bottom and stay there.from top of the pile. That route will require A LOT of hard work do you think those around you will do what it takes or merely sit and watch the super bowl?