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freedom, they all know it is far easier to print money than to fix the underlying spending and regulatory issues that the general public would never stand for being fixed. Any politician that tries would have a short career. Human nature is such that people demand services and at the same time demand that someone else pay for it and they want entitlements in excess of what they pay in taxes. Even here in the US things that people forever claim “I’d paid for these benefits” such as Social Security and Medicare provide benefits far in excess of what people paid in, especially Medicare. Schools? I don’t have the current #’s but I believe average spending per student is about $12,000 per student per year nationally. Here in Vermont we spend far more than that, close to $18,000. Two kids K-12 at $12,000 each comes to $312,000 and that’s before any other city services are provided (police, fire, parks, trash etc). Most people will never pay $312,000 in property taxes in their lives, yet demand nothing but the best for little Johnny. Politicians know this.