Nothing new – but still good advice
— Load shedding threats are looming and being prepared can make life easier.
With the threat of load shedding looming over us, being prepared for the upcoming weeks of possible blackouts can ease living conditions.Keep a checklist of the daily tasks which need to be done to ensure smooth sailing during the next few months.
Lighting -Keep torches, candles, energy saving lamps, gas lamps or anything that will provide a decent amount of light nearby.Although candles are good, they pose a bigger fire threat and battery powered torches are recommended. Also make sure you have sufficient batteries to power all your lighting equipment.
Medical supplies In the case of an emergency, keep your first aid kit or any medical supplies close by. Hunting for supplies in the dark when you’re in a hurry can lead to further injuries.
Food Prepare meals well in advance and cook food that does not need to be immediately refrigerated. If you decide to opt for a takeaway evening, purchase your meals ahead of time and head home before the power is out to avoid security risks.
Keep ‘em charged Phones and batteries are top priority. Keep your phone battery fully charged in case you need to use it for an emergency. Remember that phone lines also go down during a power outage, limiting you to cellphones only.
Daylight Use the last bit of daylight to the best of your ability. Bring washing inside, put the cars away, pack away your gardening tools and hoses and ensure all important items are kept inside. Be aware of any items that could be used by intruders to gain access to your home, such as furniture, braai equipment or loose bricks.
Transport With most petrol stations not equipped with back-up generators, ensuring your car has sufficient fuel is a must. With ATMs going down as well, keep some cash at hand or in a safe place at home.
Gates and motors The battery life in most automated gates does not last long after the power has gone off. Release automatic electric garage door mechanisms and switch electric security gates to manual to allow access to your home and garage without hassle. As some gate motors require keys to gain access, keep them with you at all times. http://zululandobserver.co.za/56779/be-prepared-for-load-shedding/