3. The Day of Notre Dame
Jan 15th, 2015

Just as no one can prevent the sun from rising, so no one can prevent these events from spilling forth. The evil is too deeply imbedded, the hatred is too extensive and man retains his free will. Yet, I speak with great hope even in the face of the inevitable outpouring of evil. What has been the response to these events which have already begun in Europe?

Various emotions are expressed, but are voices raised which point out that these countries have turned away from me? Are the people saying, “Let us turn to Our Lady, our Notre Dame (French for Our Lady), for she will protect us? This is what is missing.

In the Ages of Faith, there would be processions, not marches. The Churches, not the streets, would be filled. I promise that, as the events go on, the people will look for me and find the true source of living water which is needed to extinguish these fires and to deal with their consequences.

The answers to these coming events do not lie in the heart of man but in the heart of the Woman. This is why I speak now and why my words must go forth to all the world. A new enlightenment will dawn. A new day will begin, a day of Notre Dame, when evil events cause the Churches to be filled and all find refuge in my heart.

4. The Terrorist Attacks
Jan 16th, 2015

The road ahead will be very dark and many voices will be raised that will only bring about confusion. Such is the darkness of which I have spoken so often.

The greatest problem of terrorism is the fear and panic which it causes. People’s lives are jolted. Hundreds of changes are introduced. A mentality of siege sets in. Vast resources are spent on security. Trust breaks down. Sources of revenue dry up. Economies shrink. Investment capital no longer sustains growth. All of these effects will be seen quickly.

Because I foresaw these moments so clearly, I began to speak four years ago. I had to become a trusted voice, a familiar voice. People had to grow accustomed to this new and important help from heaven. Yes, I am speaking from heaven through this faithful messenger.

The words will change now. No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted. 2015 is the year of the beginning events. The year had just about opened, when suddenly all of these surprise attacks. What I foresaw, was recorded for all to see. The Middle East fires of terrorism have leaped over into Europe where they will find so much more fuel.

The course of these events is not at all determined. They are not imposed by heaven. They come from below, from human hearts and human decisions. The events are the harvest of evil seeds, planted and nourished. Heaven wants to help, to guide, to enlighten, and to calm down these fires. But who turns to me? The religious spirit of Europe has been sacrificed on the altar of secularism. You are like the Prodigal who took his money and left his Father’s house. Return to me. I have never abandoned you.