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Roadracer, its been a while since I’ve been in NYC but I remember the last time I was there being amazed at the sheer number of helicopters flying over Manhattan at any given time. Most of those skyscrapers have heliports on top to ferry the elite to the airports or elsewhere outside the city. The $100 million condo guy likely has his own helicopter at one of the small airports outside the city ready to whisk him away should it be needed. He likely then has a private jet at the airport where the helicopter is kept. These folks tend to have multiple homes, but that does not mean those homes are stocked (other than the wine cellar) or in locations that make for good BOL’s. Some rich folks bought a 4th home just up the road from me. #’s 1 – 3 are the family home in Connecticut, a winter home in Florida, and a summer home on a lake in New Hampshire. My informant tells me that they may have sold the CT home at this point and just do the winter/summer split, and of course their time here in VT. The one they bought here is nice but is what I’d call an upper middle class type home at best, not a very rich person home. Viewing that place with my prepper eye. I can see it as a BOL. Whether they see it that way or not I have no idea nor do I know their motivation in buying it. Waterfront homes in FL and on a lake in NH do not make for good BOL’s, and certainly an estate in the suburbs of NYC doesn’t. I’ll meet these folks this summer and look forward to better sizing up the situation. They hired a neighbor to do a lot of handyman stuff for them and so I’ll get to meet them at one of my neighbor’s frequent cookouts. By all accounts they are down to earth folks. They had my neighbors (the handyman) who live in a trailer over for diner last autumn. I hope this is a BOL for them being the wife is a medical doctor. I don’t see these rich folks as being typical of their class though. You can bet the condo guy has never had anyone who lives in a trailer over for dinner.