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The Ruger 10/22 charger pistol is being offered in a take down model. Although I think a .22 Papose would do just as well. Both are light and well made.

I could load a dirt bike on the front bumper of my truck carry a 100 gal diesel transfer tank in the back with 6 jerry cans of gas and all my camping equipment besides. But I prefer an atv. there are some really quiet/stealth motor bikes out there. The military uses one. Feet are the best.

If somebody wants to go to all the trouble of making a suppressor they might as well develop the machining skills and make a ww2 Welrod pistol in the caliber needed. For that matter air guns are getting better all the time. Anything to prevent hearing loss is good. .22 subsonic was all removed here. I haven’t seen any. The Quiet 22 made by cci was ok. So was the aguila sniper 22. I guess it didn’t fit their political agenda in Ny..