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so, no, you do NOT want just a shotgun, just a single shot, just a bolt action. At the very least, you need a rapidfire .22lr, with a silencer, a scope, and a see thru scope base. Having it have luminous iron sights is a great idea, but will cost you $150 and many hours of home gunsmithing. .22 silencers are easily arranged. Paladin Press has a great book on how to counterbore your barrel, tap it for the female threads, how to easily make great, long term baffles with just hand tools, how to mount the male threaded stud in the back of the silencer tube (pvs or steel tube, both are covered). YOu’ll need to either shorten the barrrel to 6″ (keeps regular 22lr ammo subsonic) or use subosnic ammo, for the silencer to do a really good job.