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shtt won’t be peaceful, like the depression. then, we had horse draw farm implements, non hybrid seed, trained horsemen/farmers, 30^ of the population lived on farms and ranches and a lot of the townsfolk had gardens and small livestock. few had more than a single shot 22 as a gun. today, we have all hybrid seed, total dependence upon herbicide, fertilizer, and petroleum fuels. 3 x as many people, 10’s of millions of rapidfire weapons and billions of rds of ammo. and lots more ability to get around, moutain bikes, ultralight planes, powered and sail boats, kayaks, off road bikes and atvs. no place in the lower 48 states is more than 24 hours by vehicle and another 24 hours of walking, from millions of people

it’s very easy to put a pair of 5 gallon jerrycans of gas in the saddlebag position on a bike, and 2 more in front of/behind a buddy rest. put your pack on the gastank, your rifle clamped across the handlebars. 23 gallons of gas is 1000 miles of combined off and on road travel and they WILL find more gas in that distance. in combines, tractors, farmer’s fuel tanks, shot up cars, etc