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gotta forget about staying in place and long distances to BOL. Gottta stay underground during daylight hours, for the better part of a year. disease, fire, and fighting will soon wipe out nearly everyone. then you can emerge and use subsurface, small, scatttered plots of sprouts to feed yourself. put them atop hills, in the middle of thickets. animals will be gone, but if not, use the plots as bait for traps and snares. :-) remember, use the critter’s guts as bait for fish, turtles, even cockroaches are good protein. Insects are full of paratistes, so you have to roast them, then break up the remainder between your fingers, dropping it into your stews and soups. Boiling/stewing is by far the best way to cook over wood fires. all the other methods requre that you sit right there, or else have burned/raw food. drink the broth, it’s full of nutrients that get wasted when frying/roasting. boil the water first, so it’s safe to consume, then cook the food in it. merely getting water to cookiing heat does not necesssarily make it safe to consume.