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so the heavier duty, long term gear has to be cached at your BOL. it’s not feasible to go far or last long on what you can carry, guys. You’ve gotta have a prepared site, with caches of gear and food. Dogs will detect movers, follow you and men will follow the dogs. If men are hidden, any mover is easily detected and shot by them. You won’t go far by 4 wheeled vehicle, cause nobody’s leaving behind their job, biz, taking kids out of school, etc, util they MUST. STaying in place means running out of water in a few days, having dog packs detect your water and food, and armed men will notice the dogs hanging around your area.

all it takes to stop vehicles is a bag of nails. split some limbs, beat the nails thru them with a rock, scattter dozens of them on the road, at an appropriate ambush site. shoot up the cars when they slow down or stop to turn around, clear the sticks, etc. Pilles of cars mean no car can get past that ‘choke point.. so you’re stuck with moutain bikes and off road motorcycles (with secondary muffllers to make them truly quiet). off road travel only, and only at night, slowly. It’s very easy to string a wire for a biker, so better have a fairing and keep your head down.