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smoke signals will call in enemies from miles away. flames or light at night will do the same thing. Dogs can smell food or smoke for miles. Men can sometimes do so for hundreds of meters. Do not use fire unless you must do so, post shtf ,and then do so very carefully. there is risk in chopping, it’s noisy and likely to cut you. there is risk in leaving tracks or “sign” of wood gathering or fires having been made, too.

Use a dakota fire pit, so that flames don’t show, smoke is greatly reduced. done at night, the risks are small. bundle up some sticks (with roots as cordage) and insert them into the fire pit with a vertical orientation. Use the heat to warm up big, flat rocks, and bury the rocks under your sleeping gear. Ideally, you’ll be in a small, tunnel like dugout, with grass inslulation behind the space blanket liner. you can also wrap the stones in rags, skins, or grasses and bring them inside of your sleep gear with you. Same with bottles of hot water. Minimize your need of fire and fuel for that fire, guys. Breathing smoke is unhealthy, you know. Embers can pop out of a wood fire for many feet, and if they land on nylong or plastic, you’ll have at the least a hole, and perhaps a fire and a completely destroyed camp, plus “calling in” all your enemies.

the wool blankets, oil cloth, etc of the frontiersmen were hauled around on horses, guys. Having horses costs 5k per year these daays and they will be seen as food, shot from long range, etc, making them utterly impractical for shtf, today. they can’t jump fences without great risk, while you can easily lift a mountain bike over a fence. the horse can’t ascend or decend a steep grade, but a bit of cord lets you handle this easily with the bike. The horse can’t swim much of a lake, but YOU can, pushing your gear ahead of you, floating on your poncho-raft. horses won’t stay hidden under a bush, a bike will. horses get sick or hurt, flee from dogs, make noise, buck, bite, run off with your gear, roll over on your gear, etc. Bikes do nothing of the kind.