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all year long, right now, accumulate critters to your chosen areas, by planting salt blocks and baiting them, until you see lots of sign that the aniimals are using those salt licks. if shtf, go remove all the salt blocks that nearby farmers nd ranchers have set out for their livestock. that scarcity will bring the animals to your licks more often. bait the licks now and then, and also bait your traps and snare areas (unset, maybe even not present). animals will come to associate your scent with food, and not fear it. If you’ve set out the snares, etc, they will not fear those, either. All this prepaaation will make it much easier to harvest the animals in the late fall and early winter, when you badly need the food. During the warmer months, harvesting greens, tubers, fish and the like is easy. but come fall, migration and hibernation (and predation all year of the young/dumb ones) will make hunting/trappping more difficult. frozen water makes netting and trotlining difficult, too. Having a tremedous harvest, in a short time, makes it worth your trouble to “run” your line. Your tracks in snow will betray you to enemeis, guys! All they will need to do is sit beside your trap and harvest YOU. Best to run your lines and traps at night.

woven fence wire has a 5″ mesh. Overlap 3 segements of it, and that mesh size is 1.2″, enough to hold most birds and squirrels. At most fence corners, you will find small rolls of unused woven fence. if shtf, that becomes you box traps for rabbits and the like, and also becomes traps for birds, turtles, and fish.