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I normally keep about 10,000 rds of .22lr around, because I shoot a lot. cause I have a Lee progressive press, I don’t bother to have a lot of loaded ammo around, maybe 5000 rds of 9mm range pickup brass, 1000 rds of 223. i have only 500 rds of the subsonic Aquila 22 ammo. the other .22 ammo can of course be used thru the silencer, but it has supersonic “crack”. it will be mostly usefiul as trading material, assuming that I can retreive it. I only have a few hundred rds of 223 softpoints stashed at the BOL, with the subsonic .22’s..

In the barn loft, a slingshot with round pebbles will eventually harvest the birds, but best to rig a net (or a shirt). at the end of a long pole and just gather the birds in that manner

your survival had better NOT hang on the shooting of a mere one small animal or bird, guys. If you have no other food, each adult needs 4 rabbits, 8 squirrles, or a score of small birds per day, or you’ll lose weight. At best, all you’ll be able to do with a gun is provide a bit of protein and fat, to go with your main meal of grain, greens, tubers, insects , pine nuts, acorns and the like.. The way to get protein is with snares, traps, nets, trotlines, fish poison, and killing trapping the predators that are stealing your prey animals. You just keep the silenced autorifle at hand and your eyes open as you tend you traps and nets. That way, you are not wasting time and effort seeking out the game. 40 traps and nets and lines, set out in a cloverleaf, over a few miles of good terrain, are going to offer you some sort of flesh food daily. Hunting will not do that. You must accumlate flesh food, and dry/salt it for later use, and have bug and rodent proof ways to store it.