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the storage rental areas will be torn open within a very few days of shtf,, so the next night will have to be used to remove the drums you have stored there, even if that means just to move them all to the closest thicket of woods, gully, etc, that keeps them out of sight. Heavy duty sedatives and stimulants are the most useful 1 gram items in your BOB folks. the first week of shtf will determine your survival (other than by luck). Then, the next night, move the drums over to where you have the 55 gallon drums buried, scattered in at least a half mile diameter circle. this should not be more than a mile from your chosen storage facility, if possible. You can always make a half night trip to access one of the drums, then return to your dugout area. Once shtf, animals will be much less of a risk to your buried food, cause nearly all critters will be dead in short order. starving cats dogs and men will have trapped and eaten them. then the men will have eaten the dogs and cats, and then each other. Dont be out in that, in daylight, unless you have very thick cover, move very little and very slowly, even with such cover.