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if shtf, the laws vs silencers will mean NOTHING, rape and pillaging will be the order of the day, man. The livestock will all be gone in a month, the game in another month, another month, all known edible wild plants and fish will be gone, then the cannabilism will start in earnest. you simply MUST have at least 6 months of grains, legums, Salt and honey in some drums, stashed at a storage place, close to your dugout. Dugout should be only partially finished, located near your local water supply. There, bury a plastic 55 gallong drum of gear, and another of the rations. gotta put a wire reinforced cap over the food drum, to keep out digging animals and rodents. double layer of rat wire around the drum, as well as gravel around and under it, to prevent moisture and freeze-thaw damage. Bury other, empty 55 gallon drums in the area, so that you can bring the 35 gallon drums one at a time and slip theminto the 55’s. This can be done by removal of the seat of your mountainbike, and locking the front wheel in alignment with the frame. walk alongside of the bike.

The empty drums can be filled with grain and beef jerky fairly easily and quickly, the first week of shtf, too, if you’ve done your scouting and site location properly. get the grain first, cause it’s easy to guard and lock a metal grain bin. Cattle are harder to secure! YOu’ll need several days to jerk the meat, too, while the grain can be dumped directly from your poncho and groundsheet carry bags into the drum liners in the drums. Presto, one night’s work = many months of sustenance secured, with very low risk(if you have the luminous sights, silencer and NVD goggles).