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holding your “base weight”, (no food, water, gun gear, armor, etc) to 12 lbs, 4 season and long term, is not easy to accomplish. Not and still have durable stuff. Flimsy silnylon tarps and plastic sheeting don’t cut it for more than a night or 2 of hard use. they get torn and become useless. Then you’re up a creek. I favor Tyvek, also Egyption oil cloth is more durable yet, tyvek has qualities that make it the better deal. you might have to carry a kid or help a loved one walk, or bring back big hunks of cow, horse, sheep or hog, or a big bag of grain, etc. Dont get out of sight of your BOB guys, and keep the rifle on the sling. the pistol is just for crawling in thick brush or tunnels, for use from inside of your sleeping gear, while driving, riding a horse, in a boat, while climbing a tree or rappeling, etc. In other words, vs 1-2 guys, at most, inside 5 yds, in the last one second of your life. If it saves you, it will be mosly by luck. so forget about lugging around 5 lbs of .45 holster, mags and pouches for the mags.