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MountainBiker, I am not talking about the regulations of some environmental laws but what has happen is they have gone why passed that. They are regulating businesses out. Some regulations are needed but now you can’t put up a lemonade stand that kids used to sell or a kid can’t go cut someones yard without a license. In some cities you can’t be a taxi if you do not have a license which in some cities cost $50,000 to $100,000. Over regulation is a way to control the people. Obama has passed more regulations than all the Presidents before him. There needs to be laws that for a regulation that impacts the nation needs to be approved by the congress and signed by the President. This may help to a point.

Obama is using regulations to close down coal, oil and gas right now, he has passed some in the last two months.
This is his way to get green. He will find a way to regulate gun control too. Maybe Ammo, gun parts.