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Namelus – thanks so much for your post/information! Unfortunately for me, what you understand so easily about inverters, capacitors and charge controllers is not so easy for me. I also really don’t like messing about with batteries much. For my skill level/current knowledge base, for now, my little set up works sufficiently, and I don’t need big batteries or other stuff to have light. Light is only a problem in my set up at night or in the stalls on dark, overcast days.

Yes, pumping water is a serious concern. I’ll ask a friend to show/explain about fuel pumps/batteries. I hadn’t realized that.Nice to know alternative methods of doing something. But right now I am using a floating solar panel with solar pump built in one unit in the pond to pump water – works great to pump to 500 feet – good flow and quiet. There are solar pumps in two fields that feed the cattle troughs and they work fine.The well pump is a different story. Have a Sunrunner solar generator I use in emergencies to run it But putting in a solar powered deep well pump when weather breaks so can use Sunrunner for other stuf. Have and have tried the flojak hand pump just as emergency backup. Was easy to use but would be better on our shallow well.

Around here, yes we have lots of hoses of all sorts and repair stuff/extra couplings for them. That is a great suggestion many should take note of.

Love the bottle of light. I have seen them in use in parts of southern Mexico. Very simple for outdoor structures if needed.

Wish I had time to learn what you already know! But, I am trying.