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at night, the silenced, subsonic .22, paired with NVD goggles, lets you quietly remove sentries to 100 yds, guard dogs to more like 50 yds (they move more and their brains are smaller). Being able to quietly drop the sentry can mean that you can put a silenced bullet into a dozen sleeping bags and vanish before the enemy knows what’s happened, A dozen casulties is enough to make the remaining 20 or so consider your AO to be far, far too “hot” to be worth hanging around. Larger looting bands won’t be able to sustain themselves, because the loot won’t be that large, easy or commonplace.

Too heavy a BOB means that you’ll just sprain an ankle the first time that you have to flee with it. Then it’s all over but the crying and all your gear will shortly belong to your killer. Keep it under 40 lbs, or pay the price. You’ve got to figure on a 3 lb pack, 6 lbs of water, and 12 lbs of other survival gear, plus 5 lbs of concealable armor. That does not leave a lot for guns and ammo gear, and food, ya know! If you drop your kit every time that you have to fight, the odds are that y ou’ll never see it again. You wo’nt have any help, nor any safe base to be choppered back to, you know. so your tactics can’t be those of our military. there will be no supply sergaent to replace the geat that you abandoned.