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I use a pocket 9 for EDC, in front pants pocket holster. I favor the same for shtf. I’m not bothering with something different for shtf. the pistol means very little once everyone is carrying a longarm. the front pants pocket holster keeps the pistol out of the way of the rifle and the pack, accessible, out of sight, out of the debris. the gun weighs less than a lb, I carry just one spare mag, so the total for the handgun is 1.5 lbs. the total for the rilfe stuff, including cleaning kit and a spare bolt-parts, is 12 lbs. By the time I fire even half of my rds, there will be plenty of guns and ammo to pick up from the dead, so why burden myself with more ammo? What matters is sneakily hitting, and then vanishing, not how many noisy rds you can miss with, before you get shot.