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Moose are not hard to approach closely, and they offer so much meat that you are unlikely to need to shoot more than 2 per year, even for a large family. Animals are territorial. This means that when you actually live out there with them, you will get many chances to harvest the same animal Also, moose, elk and bears are not hard to foot snare to a drag log, making their dispatch easy, even with a mere bow and arrow. The 223 will brain them from up to 100 yds away and then they drop like rocks. No point in worsening your situation (vs men, the much greater threat) by using the 308.

What you want is a shorty AR15 in 223, with a .22lr conversion unit and 223 sound suppressor, with luminous night sight inserts. . Whenever possible, use the .22 unit, cause 308’s are 18 rds to the lb. 223’s are 35 rds to the lb, and 60 gr Aquila subsonic 22’s are 100 rds to the lb. The Aquilas are BB gun quiet thru the 223 silencer and .22 conversion unit. Lots of youtube videos about such conversion units and silencers, guys.

With a 2×7 Leupold Compact scope, free float tube, trigger job and see thru mount, you can snipe effectively to 1/4 mile with the 11.5″ AR, using 69 gr sierra bthp loads, which can be 2500 fps, Zero the scope at 300 yds, aim at the top of the head at 1/4 mile and bullets strike the guts of a man. at 350-400 yds, aim at the high chest or neck. at shorter ranges, use the iron sights. I zero the “long range” wing of the peep sight at 200 yds, and I zero the normal range (luminous) wing at 50 yds, with the 60 gr subsonic .22 ammo. I do this by cutting a v notch into the top of the peep sight, arranging “ears’ made of JB weld epoxy, blacken the sight with magic marker. I file the notch to zero the sight, you see. Normal .22lr ammo hits close enough to this zero for snap shooting practice. So does 223, for speed shooting. the open sight is much faster to use than the normal peep sight. If I need real long range accuracy, I ‘ll have the time to flip up the other wing of the sight. the v notch is close enough for 200 yd torso accuracy.

carry the gun in 223 “mode”, cause if you need it swiftly, you’re likely to need more power than the 22 unit offers. The 7.5″ of length added by the silencer, makes the barrel 19″ long, still very handy. the rifle breaks down in 5 seconds, to conceal in a pack, and reassembles in 10 seconds to fire. the caliber conversion takes just 20 seconds. google ciener .22 units, this one costs $200, with a 30 rd box mag.