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There is no system of government in history that has had income equality because it doesn’t work. There is some people that are smart doing business and then there are the children of the rich that where born into wealth.

I am for capitalism being open and not regulated by the government which is what is happening. The people that have ideas about a business now have a lot of regulation that slows them down or makes it very hard and expensive to do business. Capitalism that had little regulation was when the little guy with the right idea gambled with his savings to establish a new business and were able to dream of becoming a millionaire. Many didn’t make it but you were free to try.

We have not had capitalism for some time now. When the government uses the peoples money to save the companies that they say are to big to fail this is when capitalism stopped. In capitalism the government need to let the big and small fail if there business doesn’t make a profit. That is how it works and how America became a world power.