@ 74,

Just your basic taper. Nothing fancy schmancy…

I have two tin-plated steel “6-Gang” molds I got from Jas Townsend. They make plain old 6″ tapers. I do hand-dip bigger candles. It’s not hard to do.

I’ve been wanting to have a bigger gang mold made. 18 or more per run. Back in “The Before Time”, there were molds that made a couple dozen candles per run. Biggest I’ve seen so far was a “48-gang” mold in a wooden frame that cast 12″ tapers… I’m guessing this was probably for sale to a church, since lots of folks couldn’t afford beeswax candles (they used betty lamps, etc). It was over on Ebay, as I recollect.

Here’s a 36 Gang mold… quite nice, innit?

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