It is all running down the economy. It has got a ripple effect through out all the bussiness, education sectors.

Stuff I ‘m busy with (Except working hard to keep the business, clients and employees happy)
Mapping out areas that are no go zones, starting from my immediate living and working area. It used to be just some roads you only ignore at night, others only weekends when people are drunk, others sometimes just for period of time during unrest/strike. I am changing now to different level of Danger zones to different degrees for future reference. This map goes with population estimates throughout SA.
Then I would like to map out areas according to resources for water and food.
And while I’m doing this in my spare time in front of my computer and map books, I’m staring out the car window at all the barriers next to the freeways and finding new routes with applications on my phone. Some applications feeding live traffic making route planning a bit easier for now. So many things I should have done a long time ago… like getting out of the city