No, the only reason you need a double boiler is because boiling water will not exceed 212F, which is just dandy for melting wax. I’m using an electric pot with a thermostat attached. Yes, I will also be using a handheld thermometer to make sure that I don’t go too high. Beeswax has a melting point of around 150F or so, but you can ‘burn’ it – make it change color – if you go up into the 200’s… it’s flash point is 400F, so no worries there.

The discoloration is only a concern if you care about such things, and like nice, snow white candles.

@ freedom,

I buy from a beekeeping supply place. There’s a place up in Lexington that sells beekeeping stuff, honey, double boilers and white and yellow wax. Even some candlemaking stuff, but not a whole lot. Last time I bought wax, I bought a cake of wax that was about 30 lbs or so… comes in yellow and white.

Instead of ordering anything offline, you’re better off finding someplace within driving distance and buy a bunch from them. Or even finding a beekeeper – someone making their own honey – and buying the raw wax direct from them. It will have particulates in it – bits of bees and other stuff – but once melted and filtered, you’ll be fine…

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