MountainBiker, a few things I am doing at the moment. With the electricity going on and off.. .I’m using Surge protection in the wall sockets to protect most of my appliances against power surges (and lightning) I am going through everything on my computer. Printing and filing the important stuff. Information that I might need like HAM radio info that is online – I copy and paste onto my computer ready to print.
I’ve been hoping to post parcels to my bol- but with the post office not really functional anymore I might need to wait a few more weeks or not post it at all and drive.
I am also having more meetings with some friends. We discuss our preparations – share tomato plants : ) That is happening more often and more in public.. People are talking about things happening openly. At this stage in my area people are preparing to be without electricity, water and food. They are not discussing being attacked yet.
Some people are moving, some immigrating. Selling everything, saying their goodbyes. Others are simply trying to survive already. A lot of people not coping and really battling to keep their vehicles, houses. Many people are home schooling their children this year.
People are keen to read and learn. They are asking a lot of questions. Where to go, the biggest question.
I am planning on giving the dentist a visit next month. And sadly putting things in place with my business – selling some contracts and making sure everything possible is in place for longer period of no electricity. My clients are putting ClearVu fences around their properties. I’ve got extra batteries for ham radios at all locations. Also three different mobile network sim cards.. . for our networks also fading
I’ve realised that I cannot trust some people that has shown their true colours. I was fairly shocked at first, but now I am glad that I know how they feel and can make better decisions. When times get tuff, that is when you will get to know your true friends.