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Yes, watching Venezuela is a good example, and different that SA in that the changes are happening at a faster pace, less time to adjust.

Brulen, there are nutters in the countryside too. Where I used to live my biking friends and I were in the woods multiple times a week riding on old logging roads, ancient farm roads (from before the farms were abandoned in the mid-1800’s) and single track trails. The local culture was such that we didn’t think twice about riding through anyone’s property. Except for one. There were these 3 brothers in their 50’s/60’s living on their 100 acre pig farm, none of them ever married, and living in the small house they grew up in that had turned into not much better than a shanty for lack of maintenance for multiple decades. They were seriously scary nutters. Fortunately it was in a public place but I was cornered by one of them who wanted to rant at me because he disagreed with a Town board decision that I was part of. It was clear to me that there was no rational thought pattern going on in his brain whatsoever. They were routinely in violation of Board of Health regulations concerning the care of their animals and environmental wetlands regulations concerning the running of their farm and govt. officials wouldn’t go on the property without a police escort. It wasn’t just me who thought they were crazy. Their neighbors were convinced they were eating each year’s litter of puppies that would be there and then suddenly would be gone. Come SHTF, there is nothing those guys wouldn’t be capable of. And they lived in the countryside.