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Tolik, To answer your question “Quick question for everyone ………………..are there times that you feel like a fear monger ? ”

YES! This is the main reason I post many news articles and articles that are all speculation. The forum is a great place to post these articles so that everyone here post there opinions on them.

When we see an article that is 80 to 90% speculation we need other opinions on here. The members here will tell you what is on there mind and point out the bull in the article. Sometime I know the bull fear monger in an article but still post it and I get many post which point out something different from the bull that I saw in the article.

By doing this we all keep the fear monger article at bay.

Prepping in general is something I would do because of all the hurricanes in Florida so by adding other supplies I am prepared for a bigger event like a collapse of the economy.

I do believe that the collapse of the economy of the U. S. will be the biggest collapse the world has very seen. The hard part is pointing to when this will happen since we are a world economy. Look at the last two months with oil prices which we never saw it coming. Oil may buy us more time before the economy collapses, who knows.

We need to read and post what is out there and post our opinions so we do not go crazy and try to see the truth from the lies they are feeding us.