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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>You are correct that many see doom everywhere and seem to revel in it. I try to not over react and be thinking the worst case scenario is about to happen each time a potential precursor occurs. If I am guilty of fear mongering it would be in the form of my thinking urban/suburban areas will be unlivable come a collapse (which is vastly different than a downturn or depression!), but then again I know I’m right on that one and so it can’t be fear mongering. LOL

You don’t always recognize a trigger effect but you know they happen.
A black swan is evident in retrospect.
A panic in the market can be planned.
History can/will be rewritten.
Countries slide into depressions and then collapse.
New cities are built on the rubble of the past.
One dead person is a number, millions of dead people are acceptable losses.

Proper planning and practice prevents piss poor performance. The seven P’s of mongering.