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For a lot of people moving to a city is about the ease of getting welfare benes and services. The food bank here is small and stretched to the limit. To get to Social services may require a two hour bus ride. There have been instances of the county giving low income families houses to live in while they work a minimum wage job. It doesn’t work out, they leave. There are better jobs but not enough people who can afford to live in the area, its too expensive. People are already gravitating to larger cities. In an economic collapse it will speed up. Only the wealthy will live outside the cities eventually in second homes and hobby farms or in retirement villages. The Guaranteed Retired Pensioned Invested the check is in the mail folks. Alongside the hunters preppers survivalists homesteaders and gun owners who know the cities are wastelands and won’t have anything to do with them. Fun and friction all around as everyone protects his turf.