When DEA was used for asset forfeiture, the .gov got 20%, the locals 80. And that’s just for filing the paperwork federally.

The local cops realistically saw nothing from the seizure, it all goes into either the general fund or must be used for specific items such as drug interdiction materials/gear. And it could only be spent for that purpose.

They want it all, not just a fifth.
It is that simple.

Look at it this way, local Sheriffs dept raids a stash house for illegals.
Inside they find cash as well as drugs and the illegals.
Before they could seize the house, the cash and deport the illegals.
Now under this, the feds don’t deport the illegals, they keep all the money and the house is ignored.

At least before, the seized assets could be put to use locally rather than sent off to be squandered.