My chuckle for the day was when I bought rooibos tea and discovered that the labelling on the box has changed. Well, since 1945 it has been called Laager with a picture of mountains, an open veld and ox wagons. (Laager means ox wagons pulled in a circle. The Voortrekkers discovered rooibos tea /red bush tea)

The ox wagens as well as Strengh is our Tradition has been removed. I looked at the box being fairly sad. Something I’ve known all my life is gone. I took a picture of the new and old box and sent is to some friends. Saying ” It is time to move – look the ox wagen has allready left” Most replied “But where to?” Other reply that the ox wagens has gone back over the Drakensberg ( mountains) to Cape of Good Hope. :) Another replied that “The ox wagen were most probably stolen and parts of it will be found by Tracker in Soweto soon.”
Typical South African we laughed through the sadness..


New http://www.fastmoving.co.za/activities/laager-introduces-its-new-packaging-5063