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It all depends on how bad the collapse of the dollar is, if the dollar collapses to zero then you will see SHTF times. Argentina had a 66% lose not a total lose. Also depends if there is no food for a long time and the banks do not open because the dollar is now zero value there is no money there.

So yes depends on the collapse. Argentina didn’t have over $18 Trillion dollars in debt. By the end of this year the U. S. maybe at $20 Trillion.

Russia is now go though what Argentina when though but it is not a total collapse so Argentina didn’t go though a total collapse. 66% is not a total collapse, more of a devaluation of the money.

I believe the U. S. collapse of the dollar will be a collapse of many countries in the world, way much bigger than what happen in Argentina.

Also Argentina population doesn’t have guns like we do. We will have crime 1,000 times higher and civil unrest all over the country.