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People are tired of the long drawn out process of change our laws require. Writing to elected officials who don’t listen. Officials following special interest groups wishes. They are frustrated. A SHTF event would overthrow TPB and in the long run people hope strong responsible people will prevail. It was mentioned earlier if you take responsibility for yourself and work to live you may just make it. No more handouts. – See more at: http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/when-it-starts-to-fall-apart/page/3/#post-34522

Matt76, I have read again and again similar sentiments but I think it is unrealistic to somehow assume that out of the collapse will come something better. Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps eventually something better would but it would be hell on earth getting there. In many areas there will still be handouts. They’ll just be coming from folks like you and me to the local warlord who acts as judge and jury. Think of how many brutal dictators and corrupt govts have been overthrown only to be replaced with something far more brutal and far more corrupt.