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I think there are 2 main reasons why there are those that welcome a SHTF event. Here is the short and sweet of it.
1. Boys trapped in men’s bodies that still need to prove to themselves they have what it takes to survive.
2. (I think this holds true in America at least) People are tired of the long drawn out process of change our laws require. Writing to elected officials who don’t listen. Officials following special interest groups wishes. They are frustrated. A SHTF event would overthrow TPB and in the long run people hope strong responsible people will prevail. It was mentioned earlier if you take responsibility for yourself and work to live you may just make it. No more handouts.

As far as last minute preps. I would top a few things off, pull my last bit off cash out, and then take care of some dental work I had been putting off while trying to buy more preps. I would hate to die in SHTF because of a bad tooth I could have gotten taken care of in good times.