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Believe me, here in America our “political correctness” Nazi party is in full force. My rule #23 Taxes and political correctness are just another form of governmental control.

The problems I see with anything reported is the political slant that is put on it. I also dislike how the media pushes law enforcement for answers before even the first testing is completed, data is evaluated, or even videos are watched. How are we supposed to get answers about ANYTHING if we can’t even get the media to get out of the way long enough for those investigating to do their jobs? One of the few pro-LEO things I spout off about that chaps my hind quarters. I actually think that things like this cause many of the interaction issues we see with LEO’s. If everyone is constantly pushing them for this or that and thus distracting them from their original tasks, how can they ever do what they were hired to do? They can’t….