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The fact that we think it is starting doesn’t mean it actually is. There is always a chance that we read the tea leaves wrong. On that basis those who charge up a storm on credit cards will in fact have the bill come due. My saying that I would switch to heat pumps so as to conserve my wood and propane isn’t any different. If things don’t fall apart I’ll have a bigger electric bill and it’ll get paid. If it all falls apart, there won’t be a bill forthcoming and the money in my bank account that would have paid that bill will be gone forever too.

At the very early stages of a collapse scenario, credit cards will work but I expect that quickly enough they won’t. When that occurs there will still be commerce for a brief period for those who have cash or something else of value to trade. It is prudent to have cash on hand for that contingency, no different that we should never be waiting for “it” to commence before stocking up on the preps we need.

As an aside, human nature is such that there would be a powerful urge to stock up more even if you are already well stocked up. It is the other actions that we might take that I am curious about. Whirlibird noted having the kids call grandma and grandpa one last time. That’s a great idea. For those who will relocate to a BOL when it starts to unfold, I would expand on that thought to include notifying loved ones who won’t be traveling with you where it is you are heading to, so that they’re not left wondering what became of you. Another one is the disposition of the property you are leaving behind. Back when we had two homes, there was no way we’d of been able to take all of our stuff with us to the BOL, and no guarantee we’d ever be coming back to the primary residence. At the time my thinking was that before we left I’d give a key to my next door neighbors and ask them if they would take charge of the property so to speak. Help themselves to any supplies we left behind, allow refugee family & friends to stay there as they deem appropriate, and generally protect and preserve as best they can should we be able to return someday. Where we lived in the Western part of the Massachusetts would surely see plenty of Boston area refugees….adult children returning home for example. Better this approach than just abandoning it and hoping it stays there undisturbed.

Coming back to that last preps run, mine would include a bit of frivolity. In addition to picking up fresh fruit and veggies knowing it’ll be a while before I’d get any again, I’d buy some good junk food…..cake, ice cream, cookies potato chips…given who knows when I’d get that again and then get a take-out pizza for that night’s dinner from my favorite place. Some last hurrah comfort food on the way out.