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“Morality will be trumped by needs.” Or will it?

Please correct me if I am wrong but I thought one of the reasons for having religious or moral believes was to “sustain” a person during “bad times”.

BUT the original question wasn’t what to do in SHFT if your children are starving and need medicines? The original question was actions for what I would call pre-SHFT because the grid will more likely go up and down many many times before it would fail permanently: “I’m talking about the in-between time when SHTF hasn’t actually happened yet, but it appears to be imminent and is starting to unfold in a way that we here can see it but the masses are still thinking it’ll all blow over.”

During transition times, it might (and I say might) be a better strategy to protect “business as usual” (peaceful interactions and trading between people) rather than worsening a bad situation by actions that deepen the crisis even if these personal action might for a short time better our personal comfort.