<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>c wrote:</div>But you would be “stealing” from your fellow man… :(

Or you could be wrong about the end of the world as we know it, and bankrupt yourself buying stuff your don’t really need when everything goes back to normal and the bills finally do come in.

Readiness has more to do with what is going on between your ears then how massive your stockpile of resources. We can only be so ready for the unknown and the unknowable.

Finding some way to find peace and tranquility NOW will go a long way with dealing with an unknowable future. Making friends with our subconscious mind is a good start in finding peace within ourselves. When we trust ourselves, we know deep down that is doesn’t matter what the future brings — we will know what to do.

Not stealing, just seeing how long the credit will extend.
Not like they wouldn’t be happy getting their 18% if nothing happens.

I remember several ‘acquaintances’ back just prior to Y2K, having nothing prepped or stored, they did just this. One however came out all-right. His vacation house burned, containing all the stuff he bought. (cough cough) Because he had all the receipts for the stuff he had just bought and the remnants of similar items were in the residue, the insurance company paid for it all.

The other, had more than enough in his safe to have paid cash for everything he bought, he just took the chance that he might have gotten the stuff “free” if it had totally collapsed and the CC companies gone kaput.
He paid it all off before the interest was due, so he didn’t rack up any interest charges and still got the ‘points’ on the card.

Peace and tranquility, nice to find.
But hard to find when you’re freezing or struggling to find something to eat.

For me, it’s canned/stored foods. The weather and soil here limit growing to crops that have extremely short seasons. And that’s after the soil has been improved. A garden? Not without a greenhouse.
But I have deer in the front yard. Trade off.